Basic Info:

Hi I am Jeen Visser, born in 1992. A tech artist from the Netherlands. I have been making games for four years now. I am good at Maya, but I also have worked in Cinema 4d and 3ds Max from time to time.


I have the following experience:

- 8 years of modelling divided in:

– 6 years of Maya
– 2 years of Cinema 4d (but it was 6 years ago).
– 1 year of 3ds Max (but also 5 years ago).
– 2 years of Unity Particles

- 1 year of Unity Shaders (by use of Shader Forge)

- 2 year of tech art level of scripting in c# (Unity)


I use Photoshop and Illustrator combined to make texture images for my models, in combination with shaders I made in Shader Forge.



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