Tower Rush

Basic Info:

Tower Rush is a mobile game that I am developing for the app-store. The idea of Tower Rush is bringing back the old tactical games like chess and checkers on a new platform. When I was a little kid my father and me always played chess against each other if we didn’t had anything to do. Nowadays games are getting more complicated or bigger. While this is happening the old games like chess and checkers still remain popular. This was a realization moment for me that I wanted to create a game with the same charmes as chess or checkers. But more modern. The game must be something that you could easily play after grabbing your phone while you haven’t got anything to do. One of the main features of chess and checkers is that the players are equal at the start, this will also be important for my game.



In Tower Rush both players start in a corner of the board and can build buildings to reach to one another. The players can only build a building on a tile if they have another building on a tile next to it. The battle starts when both players meet in the middle of the board. Two of the buildings that the players are able to build are towers that shoot at the buildings of the other player. The first tower being a scout tower that has a bigger range and the second tower having a higher attack damage. The game simulates a power struggle between two kingdoms. Both players have the choice to build economic buildings or warfare buildings depending on their tactic.


Tower Rush will be a two player game from the start. I want to create a GUI system for the game that mirrors itself when the players are switching turns. This would be an ideal system motivating players to put their phone or tablet on a table between them like the older board games instead of constantly giving each other the phone. The above version still rotates the camera instead of tilting it, but this was the pc version I was testing.

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