Four Nomads – Animations

Basic Info:

For Survive & Thrive (project of Four Nomads) I became the animator after the main animator started to take to much time per animation. I used to animate for my first internship so I was familiar with animation.

Follow up movement:
I’ve always been a fan of the follow up movement rule. Once a muscle or object stops a motion, it’s always met with a counter motion to stop the original motion. A good example is the bouncing of objects. But this technique is also applied to living creatures. Motion can’t be stopped imidiatly and must be slowed down or be counterd.

With the arrow shot the follow up movement is most noticeable with the knockback of the bow. The bow builds up tension. This tension is released in forward motion. When this tension is released the string arm will automatically create a counter motion because both forces need to balance eachother out to be neutral. Thus when the string is realeased, the string and the arm both take their original force without being balanced out by the other force.
This all sounds very “sciency” for some artist. But I’m convinced that an animator should know these things to create more pleasing animations

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