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Character Customisation

Basic Info: I made a character customisation scene in Unity for my graduation project. The focus of the project was to make a character customisation where the player or developer was able to create characters freely with wide ranging options. The final character (with all customisations applied on it) will be baked on a new… Read More

Diamond Studies

Reflections & Refractions: The picture above are two diamonds made for an external client. These diamonds aren’t using a texture image. The shading only uses light reflections and refractions. The whole diamond “feel” is purely created by the lights and reflections and light bounces of the the mesh. This is in style of how real… Read More

Low Poly

Basic Info: Here’s a small collection of low poly models I made for¬†different projects. I found that a post per picture would be a bit too mutch, so I bundled them into one post.   Low Poly Axe: This axe was a model that was created for the first prototype of Survive & Thrive¬† (project… Read More